JUNE 21 – OCTOBER 1, 2017

Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

Co-curators: Lesley Johnstone and Monika Kin Gagnon

In Search of Expo 67 brings together new works by nineteen contemporary Québec and Canadian artists inspired by the most innovative, experimental and provocative dimensions of the original event, and its artistic, cultural, social and political contexts. Created in dialogue with the spirit of 1967, these works (sixteen of which are newly commissioned) highlight Expo 67’s undeniable inventiveness while challenging some of its underlying presumptions. Architecture, sound art, visual art, film and music are the poles around which this creative endeavour turns. Grounded in committed artistic and archival research, the artworks highlight the exceptional creative liberty given to the artists, architects, filmmakers and designers who took part in the original exhibition, their experimentation with state-of-the-art technology and the diverse nature of their creations. The exhibition is part of the official program celebrating the 375th anniversary of Montreal and Expo 67 – 50 Years Later.

Upcoming Events

September 12 – October 1, 2017


These three programs celebrate Canada’s large-format cinematic heritage and bring original Expo 67 films from the pavilion archives to large screens. Presented continuously during the opening hours of the MAC in the BWR Hall. Presented in collaboration with the Cinémathèque québécoise, La Ville de Montréal, and Library and Archives Canada. A Study Day devoted to discussing the past and futures of immersive cinema, augmented and virtual reality will take place on Thursday Sept 28.

Upcoming Screenings

September 12 - 17

Dir. Vincent Vaitiekunas

70 mm digital transfer, 14 mins

Originally presented in the CN Pavilion

September 19 - 24

One of two films from the Carousel Theatre at the Canada Pavilion
Dir. Michel Brault

35mm digital transfer, 2 screens, 5:15 mins

One of two films from the Carousel Theatre at the Canada Pavilion
Dir. George Dunning, Bill Sewell and Alan Ball

35mm digital transfers and 3-screen reconstruction, 4:30 mins

September 26 - October 1

Dir. Nick and Ann Chaparos

70 mm digital transfer, 10 mins

Originally presented in the Man the Explorer Pavilion

Past Screenings

June 21 - August 6

Dir. Graeme Ferguson

Eleven screens, rotating audience, 18 minutes, 35mm, colour, English/French

Originally presented in the Man the Explorer Pavilion

EXPANDING CINEMA: STUDY DAY - Thursday September 28

This program of events is presented by CINEMAexpo67, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and the National Film Board of Canada around Expanding Cinema: Original Films from Expo 67 (Sept 12 − Oct 1), a series of screenings in connection with the MAC exhibition In Search of Expo 67 (June 21 − Oct 1). The immersive projection Expo 67 Live will be presented by the NFB on the Place des Arts Esplanade from September 18 to 30.


Thursday September 14, 18h

Sunday October 1, 16h30

The exhibition is organized with the support of Concordia UniversityMilieux Institute for Arts, Culture and TechnologyHexagram, the Cinémathèque québécoisePlace des Arts, the Archives of the City of Montréal, the National Film Board of Canada, the National Gallery of CanadaLibrary and Archives Canada, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

It is part of the official programming for Montréal’s 375th anniversary and for Expo 67-50 years later.